Sunday, October 3, 2010


The sunshine today not only warmed my back but also my soul - i had forgotten how lovely the sunshine is and what it does for your mood! Had an early start and drove down to Kilcunda for a family walk which was just half an hour down the road... How stunning!! Mr Libra muttered as we walked "I love living in Gippsland!" Kids thoroughly enjoyed the water... It has been too long between games of chase with the waves!!

Stopped by the block three times in the last 12 hours - have settled on where the house will be positioned. Stood where the kitchen window will be - LOVE!! Mr Libra and i imagined sitting on the back verandah - LOVE!! Watched the sun set in the valley at the back of the house last night - LOVE!! I will take some photos of plans and block soon...Off to Harkaway in the morning to make some "small" alterations to the plan....Just about to make my gorgeous husband a cuppa to get his agreement the "small" changes..

Kids start new school and kinda tomorrow!! Very excited little girls!!
hair washed = check.
shoes polished = check
pencils sharpened = check
uniform ironed = check
uniform laid out = check
School and kinda bags named & poised at the front door = check
cookies made to share with new friends = coming soon (late request from Charlotte before bed!)
Will share some photos tomorrow xx

Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend and the sunshine that we were blessed with as much as i did - keep smiling - thanks for reading

Melissa xx

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