Saturday, October 2, 2010

Someone pinch me!!

Flowers from the garden, eggs from the chooks, bread in the background (brown paper bag) from the local farmers market this morning and my mixer poised for the next bake off...
What a sight - **sigh**

The view from the side deck - twice a day they mozy back to the green paddocks....

The view from the washing line as i hung out the wash... **sigh**

Miss muffett with her new best friend who is never out of her arms....

Amazing that big sister managed to coax her into holding the heavy log but also that she managed to hold it long enough for the precise knots to be tied for the swing...

It works!!! No accidents or injuries... and now i think we are up to three swings from the one tree in total!!

Just a few pics from this morning at home... The girls have played on and around that tree for approximately six hours in the past two days, they have even enjoyed refreshments on the bistro table they dragged over, complete with my fly net over their cups - bless xx


  1. You are living my dream Melissa! What a gorgeous life..I just love the pics you've posted, nothing like lots of space for the kids outside..Rachaelxx

  2. Thanks Rachael - just noticed your comment..I am living my dream - nothing beats country life!! I have dreamt of it for so long and cant believe it is real!! Love your blog too - your house looks fabulous!! Melissa x


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