Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I've had my sinus surgery and I'm on the mend - it took me awhile to get to the Cape patterson pictures...
Thanks for all your well wishes and special care from my mumma and husband , visit from my gorgeous sis (who also thoughtfully express posted me a novel i have been busting to read, as i couldnt get my hands on it - it will benefit us both - you will NEVER hear the end of it now!!)...In laws took the kids for a night and came home with the gorgeous bunch of blooms pictured which put a smile on my dial - thanks all xx
Feeling like a new woman, still a little sore, but i managed to sniff the dumpster down at the dairy and actually got some smell today....I will never take smells - even bad ones for granted again.. fingers crossed it restores to its finest soon...

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