Tuesday, October 19, 2010

maiden voyage in the new van

It was impromptu and gutsy but we made a snap decision to take the new van out on its maiden voyage. I drove into town and filled a trolley with the necessities to kit out the van - forks, doonas, cups, plates, kettle, etc..... and we decided whatever we had forgotten we would try and get or do without....

Only an hour away from home to Cape Patterson we headed, girls even broke out the in car DVD - hardly necessary but the quiet time to take in the views along the way was appreciated by mumma and pappa..

Pappa was equipped with his new birthday present - a surfboard and new wettie and ready to take aim at his youth and get lost in the froth.... The girls were even excited about giving this surfin stuff a crack - mumma just happy to come along for the ride.

The weekend was just gorgeous - the first display of warm sunshine for some time and we thoroughly enjoyed the ease of camper van camping after years of struggling with endless poles for the camper trailer.

The new rig.
A little excited and wired for sound xx

First night in the van - needless to say took a little while to settle to sleep....

The MOST amazing rock pool for swimming when it gets a bit warmer

Daddy and his duckies

Charlottes first surf xx

Amelia's first surf xx

Big sis

sisters + sunrise = mumma love xx

Home time xx

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