Friday, October 1, 2010

We have moved!!

Daddy and his girls xx

Jasper the resident Shetland at Coal Creek....
Unfortunately he lived at the VERY back of the property - we caught the train there are walked all the way back but the girls were happy...

On the train out to see Jasper - the train driver even gave us a banana to give to Jasper..
He liked Milly's jacket more!!

RIP Nelson - we love you XX

What an exhausting four weeks - i think we made 7 truck trips in total - some to the storage unit and most to the farmhouse... The move was epic and we could not have done it without the help of others namely mumma and jeff, Katrina, Jon and Indi and trent, and of course all those well wishes along the way and people that kindly donated me boxes and bubble wrap!!

Our pet doggie of almost eight years came to the farm house for one special night of cuddles and photos before he went to heaven xxx

It was pappa's birthday shortly after we moved so we spent and afternoon at Coal Creek to celebrate - pics above... The girls loved the history of the place and more than anything the resident Shetland - Jasper...

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