Sunday, September 11, 2011

Homemade dishwashing powder

I finally made my homemade dish washing powder that I posted the "recipe" for here.

It was super easy and once finished I popped it into a spare Maxwell Williams glass jar I had and found a cute little scoop to sit with it on the bench. I gave it a whirl in the dish washer complete with vinegar in the place of the rinse aid, and I am happy to report it worked wonderfully..

I have been keen to switch all our chemical based cleaning products since Amelia's  eczema has been an issue but have also been motivated and encouraged by the girls to go green!

The girls have been studying "sustainability" at school, which has got us thinking about reducing land fill and recycling. Looking around the house today, I noticed that unfortunately I do buy quite a lot of plastics - margarine, cleaning products, juice, milk, etc... Charlotte congratulated me for buying milk in a cardboard carton last week and urged me to buy jam in jars so we can reuse the jars..Her ideas were to use as drinking glasses, put pencils and textas in, I am sure we could think of more....

So the challenge is on! I am on a mission to reduce the amount of landfill that we contribute to as a family. I'll keep you posted on any tips we come up with.

Number 1 is to make our own dish washing powder.

Number 2 is to find a recipe for homemade dish washing liquid - I will share once I have mastered it.

No 3 is to spread the word and at least get some others such as YOU to consider and think about the alternatives..

So..... maybe you might consider putting some of the ingredients for a homemade chemical free alternative to dishwashing powder on your shopping list this week and give it a go..

Dare you.. It literally took 5 minutes to put together and it means we collectively will never throw out another plastic dish washing powder container...

I thought it was interesting that the major brands of dish washing powder package in cardboard and the new Ecostore brand packages in plastic????? Stumped.

Let me know if you give it a go - would love to hear 

Melissa xxxx


  1. Hi Mel yes I have made it also an it works a treat., love the kitchen spray also, when u master the dishwashing liquid Let me know --- go green Xxxxxx

  2. Happy to hear it is working for you love - i am sooo in love with the kitchen spray it is nearly all gone, i must make some more. Brought the ingredients for dishwashing liquid, i'll keep you posted ..xx

  3. This is wonderful news! I am definitely going to try this out :)



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