Monday, September 5, 2011

Daddy's day

Fathers day started with a breakfast of champions for our very own champion. But the jobs list unfortunately could not be put on hold for our papa as the plasterers will be at the house early tomorrow morning. So we all donned our Sunday best ready for some work at the house and a trip to the tip.

I convinced Mr right every dad deserves a trip to the tip on fathers day - there could not be anything more dadsy to do on fathers day.

So we cleaned, cleared and swept the entire house before setting off to the tip and the work was done for the day.

Later in the day we discovered the most stunning garden that you can just catch a glimpse of from the road, we noticed a sign out the front - cafe open!!! So out we got - gumboots, bad hair day (me) and all.

We were all delighted with what we found - the most stunning and peaceful garden, chapel and cafe complete with possibly the most hospitable and lovely couple proprietors. We had coffee and hot chocolate and complimentary home baked cake, the girls were given food to feed the fish in the pond, and I left with silverbeat from their veggie patch, raspberries to plant, fresh oregano, silverbeat and mint to plant..

If your out for a drive on a sunny weekend - do yourself a favor and drop in and see Maryanne and Danny at Glenfyne gardens Drouin South... Just delightful !


  1. What a cute little spot you discovered!! Sounds lovely with the homemade cake and yummy drinks. I felt a bit bad about hubby working around our place yesterday too, but I think he secretly enjoys mowing the lawn :)

  2. What a gorgeous find! Glad you had a lovely day amongst all your hard work, I got breakfast in bed on Father's Day lol!



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