Tuesday, June 14, 2011


We made
 the most delicious anzacs (again) with just a little drizzle of chocci
Country Womens Association receipe - delish!!
Always made for school lunches but always disappear with an after dinner cuppa..

We loved
our new pet, Lucy the Rabbit

We snuggled
our newest addition to the family, a baby girl guinea pig who's name has kept changing over the weekend 

The girls are besotted..
Unfortunately Lucy is not so with our new baby guinea girl
after a few close calls and some fur flying, Mr Right is searching ebay for a separate hut. I envisaged them snuggling up together but not to be :(

Thanks for reading

Melissa xx

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  1. Ha ha, female rabbits are pretty aggressive! I've had three and there was always fur flying! Very cute though and great pets.. Rachaelxx


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