Sunday, June 5, 2011


This picture is part of my inspiration for the bathrooms in the house.
I love the basins, bath, mirrors and lights.
So i have chosen the following
I am definately sold on the basins and bath, but I'm still second guessing myself on the taps.....
What do you think - the goosenecks or something smaller like the picture??

I am yet to even contemplate tiles, but I think I may choose something incredibly practical. Given the showers are fully tiled and the girls and i have long dark hair, an all white bathroom may not suit. 
Greys or taupes????

Apologies for the grainy i phone pic, snapped it from Houzz - for the sink and grey tile......

mmmm, decisions....

or a taupe tile as above??

What do you think

Thanks for reading

Melissa x


  1. I went for a grey tile (a very cheap one actually) for the main bathroom floor. I have long hair that falls out everywhere and the tiles hide it well. I think grey is a little more timeless but I'm no design expert. Choosing tiles is HARD! I love all the other things you've chosen. I tend to associate goosenecks with kitchens and laundries but that's only because I haven't seen them in a bathroom setting. They might be the right choice for your basins? Rachaelxx

  2. Thanks for your feedback Rachael... I need to trust my gut, I'm really not convinced on the taps. Back to the drawing board for those..


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