Monday, June 13, 2011

Love you already

baby freckles room xx

My little sister is expecting and I could not possibly be more excited about the
impending arrival of a new bundle of joy for our family.

She and her partner are currently renovating, some of you may remember the pic I posted of the original bathroom sometime ago, and promised some updates - but I have kept you in suspense or just been lazy but stay tuned.....

Well, baby freckles room has become a priority since the arrival is expected within the next couple of months.
I was so excited when she asked if i would join her this weekend for some nest fluffing....
Her partner has built baby freckles bedroom basically from scratch, framed, plastered, architraves, lighting, etc...So a blank canvas she was blessed with.

Last sleepover we had, we went hunting for inspiration and and found the next two pics from Belinda Grahams blog

Her kiddies bedrooms are just so sweet, so we decided to take a little from each and make it a little more neutral....

We took a trip to Spotlight and picked up some scrap booking card in some varying colors - red, green, orange, a print and a music sheet print. My sisters partner, MJ, is a great drawer so he sketched some birds and he sat and cut away whilst we fluffed about him. We also picked up the sweet bird box little clock and fluffy cream rug from Spotlight. The birds are just bluetacked at the moment but will be fixed with 3M valcro tape. 

We picked up the sweetest owl night light and sweet red and white frames to hold the images of baby freckles in utero from Typo - I LOVE that shop and we wanted everything!

To carry on with the Woodland/Nature them we chose this sweet little deer cushion - also from TYPO.

The dining chair will soon be replaced with a chunky cane armchair with latte colored cushions and the deer cushion propped waiting for a new feeding mumma..

 And the sweet Roman is also from Spotlight..

I am now on the hunt for a lovely old branch in the back paddock tomorrow that will hang cutesie little clothes ...

We work amazingly together. Getting excited and being creative, me and her, my little sister. What amazing progress in a couple of hours, a few glasses of vino, with the feathers ruffling..

I cant wait to meet you Freckles - you are so loved already. Hurry up growing those eyelashes already..
Stay tuned for the finishing touches...


  1. What a gorgeous room - you both did a wonderful job!!

  2. Hey girls the room looks fantastic! Baby freckles will have a room made from love an will have many special memories in there. I can't wait to see it an see the precious bundle snuggled in there xxxx yes Mel I agree "freckles" is loved already xxxx


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