Thursday, June 9, 2011

My new additions

ILVE Titanium T906WMP 90cm Freestanding Oven

Look what I found!!! I was just browsing to get an idea of price for the new oven, and I stumbled across this baby..

I have been spoilt enough to have a big oven for the past four years and i dont think I could go back! I have been forced to go back at the new rental, and it has only reiterated that the oven size will not be negotiable.
I often bake and have a number of goodies on the go, so a big oven is a must..

Look at the list of features this baby has!

                                                        Oven 90cm:
• Select 10 multifunction electric oven cooking modes
• New turbowave Quickstart preheating function 0°C–180°C in 8 minutes
• Pizza and bread mode
• Electronic programmable digital clock
• Giant 110 litre oven capacity
• Rotisserie
• Cool touch athermic door handles with cooling fan
• Triple door glazing for safer, cooler door temperatures
• Warming and storage compartment
• Removable door with dismountable inner glass for easy cleaning
• Easy dismantling of oven interior
• Precision thermostatic control
• Stainless steel fan fat filter
• Catalytic cook and clean side liners
• Turbowave cooking, lower temperatures, less food shrinkage and spatter, moister fresher tasting roasts
• Easy clean vitreous enamel interior, smooth black non staining appearance
• Exclusive removable oven floor ensures easy cleaning of interior can be made in the sink or dishwasher
• Oven storage and warming drawer

She is all mine, after some quick negotiation with the treasurer. The store have kindly agreed to allow us to make a payment and then they will look after her until we are ready to put her in her new home!!

I also found this butlers sink and managed to get approval from Mr Right... weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
I have always wanted one and wasnt sure whether i could get it past the Treasurer, but i did, i have, it will be mine to sink my hands into!

Image: cape cod designs

And then i found this over at A-M's Cape Cod Designs

Now this one - (or three to be exact) i am still tring to get past the Treasurer.
This is exactly what I was looking for, perhaps not with that price tag...but the joy that they would bring me every morning when I stumble into that kitchen....

A-M has the most amazing style
True inspiration!

Melissa xx


  1. All gorgeous choices Melissa! I'd love to have a freestanding cooker like that and a butlers sink but husband said no! Maybe next time.. The lights are stunning, aren't they? I tried to find a place in my home for them but alas, none.. Rachaelxx

  2. I love them ALL! You have lovely taste, I cannot wait to see the kitchen when it's in :)

  3. I have the same oven. Ahh. It's great and I even use the rotisserie function! xx


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