Tuesday, June 28, 2011

playroom planning

I designed this house to have the girls playroom completely out of view of any visitors so that they can claim the space as their own and mumma wont nag to have it tidy.
We plan to have a kitchen, it may have to be specially made as all the kitchens out there are for little tiny girls...
How sweet is this one!
Craft and drawing are forever happening in this house..
So space for this is essential however reality may mean that it continues to happen at the kitchen table.....
I will therefore try my hardest to make their space so child friendly and interesting that it will be irresistable to them......

Bean bags

How pretty is this room!! I love the little chandelier, bunting, stripes....ok everything..
I dont want to put our little boy visitors off though, but how sweet!!!

All images Pottery Barn


  1. All great ideas - how nice it will be to have a room where all that play 'mess' can be hidden away.

  2. It will be a labour of love and lots of fun. You can always count on Pottery Barn for some good playroom inspiration! I'm still working on the girls' playroom here, you've re-inspired me! Rachaelxx


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