Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy birthday sweet cheeks

A birthday post for my gorgeous little sister, whom i love so dearly and am proud to call her so....

Some things that i love and admire and cant live without...... about her....

Her smile, she calls me sweet cheeks, her Donald duck sneeze, her big loud laugh, her generosity, her big warm heart, her love for her family, her compassion, her crazy hair twirling habit, her super organisation skills, her can do and will do attitude, she NEVER gives up EVER, her love for crosswords, her ever listening ear, her divine style, her practical advice, her strength of character, her hate of horror movies, her love of photography, her new found love of the garden, her determination, I cut her finger when we were little fighting over scissors and she forgave me, her problem solving skills, her ability to share everything, her love of children, the way she has nicknames and shortened phrases for EVERYTHING, her sometimes snippy tongue and the ability to tell it how it is, the way we talk almost every day and sometimes multiple times a day, endlessly really, just look at our phone bills, she is a city mouse, her ability to look after her skin and always wash her makeup off before bed,  her insane driving ability, the way she will always find the shortcut, her inability to sit at traffic lights, her devotion to alternative medicine, her love for music, her love for and accumulation of art, her persistence in finding her Mr Right and her success!, the ability she has to light up my girls little faces with just the mention of her name or smell of the same product she uses in her hair, her great sense of humour, that she is willing to crawl under a house if called for, that she has the most sensitive sense of smell, her knowledge about health, her willingness to be the first point of call for the entire family about any health complaint, I JUST LOVE HER - that's it. Oh and Happy birthday my love.


  1. I certainly wish I had a sister like you! What a beautiful description and how wonderful that you notice all these things about her. Happy Birthday to your sister and Happy Birthday to you! Your presents couldn't be better, enjoy them..Rachaelxx

  2. Loved it Mel. Makes me so proud to say I am the mum of three beautiful children that I love so dearly, I would cut off my arm for you all if I had too. I just love the way you both are so so close, when your sister was born I had all these dreams of what it would be like when you were going to be growing up, but it did not really happen like that, just like most children you would have your barneys, not sharing and sure drove me crazy sometimes. I just love how you have all grown up to be well balanced, have great careers, happy lives and are so close now so eventhough those dreams did not come true when you where little they are coming true now. Hope you both had a very Happy Birthday and you have a lot of great loving, caring and close years ahead both Love You xxxxooooo


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