Tuesday, January 11, 2011


My post was to be about our recent river camping trip with my much loved little sister, her partner Jon and his daughter, miss Indi and how i rediscovered my love for the humble, sometimes plump, rounded river pebble. I was to call this post - i heart pebbles... I do, however i just couldn't post about my slightly unhealthy obsession with the pebble as my thoughts have been consumed with the tragedy that grips our fellow Australians in QLD and NSW right now. I have cried, sighed and felt completely helpless as i have watched jaw dropped at the footage being aired on the news.

To think i have just wallowed in the river water for pleasure and relief from the heat and now the very same substance is robbing people of their lives, those of their children and of all their homes and possessions. A natural disaster of such magnitude highlights how vulnerable we are, how quickly all we love and work for can be swept away and how as Australians we will look after our mates and quickly band together to help each other through.

My thoughts and prayers are with all of those that are in need of them tonight and in the coming days....

Cuddle your babies and take a deep sigh tonight and be thankful for what you have....

PS - Among other more obvious things ,I am also thankful I have a big bulging bucket of pebbles that i have borrowed from mother nature that have brought my soul such sunshine....I will post about these and my intentions for them on a brighter day.....

Melissa xx


  1. Melissa it's just so awful, I barely slept last night with worry at what we would wake up to find when I turned the TV. The footage is heartbreaking and just the big of such a long road of recovery. Think of the clean up :(

    It's hard to fathom losing everything in one hit, hubby and I sat and evaluated last night what we would do in that situation, it certainly brought it home.

    I love your river rocks, I know you will a special project for them :)


  2. I did give my girls a few extra kisses while they were sleeping last night. It's all so unimaginable. Rachaelxx


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