Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Holiday making

Despite the little one not being well, we still managed to fit in a bit of holiday making..

Charlotte decided she wanted to make an owl tshirt - she googled a design and got to work. Her owl sits perfectly perched on a branch and mummy made a quick replica for little sis. I loved watching her intently snipping away and even using the iron herself to fix the owl - clever little bunny x
Easter basket making. The concentration! Lips pursed for cutting - bless x
Finishing touches
Charlotte found a recipe for a home made body scrub in one of her magazines and had been busting to make it - Oats, raw sugar, manderine rind and juice 
A homemade "oven" made by little hands 
Amelia hard at work in the kitchen x
Charlottes bucket on a string cow feeding contraption. Trying to lure the cows to come closer to the fence. I didnt have the heart to break it to her - that i thought they had plenty of juicy green grass just where they were and it was unlikely they would find her feed alternative attractive - ingenius and worth a try though!

School holidays have flown by once again xx 

PS - I have windows, all timber and double hung!!! Stay tuned for photos x

Thanks for reading

Melissa xx

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