Wednesday, April 6, 2011


In the space of six days the house has come a long way!
The frame went up so quickly - one day and we were able to walk through physically instead of in my head!

The boys have been hard at work today on this gorgeous sunny Melbourne day putting the roof trusses up..
I went for a coffee at the local church coffee shop and i came back to this
Oh how my heart jumped and my face lit up as i drove down the hill and was greeted with this picture above bathed in the sun light!!! It is happening and quite quickly at this stage too - windows being delivered next week. I am so excited about seeing my windows - all timber and double hung - oh someone pinch me!!!!!

I will take some photos internally this evening - thank goodness there are no neighbours within coo wee at this stage, they may think im slightly unhinged if they have seen me swanning around my bedroom, popping in and out of the shower, and admiring the view from my kitchen window whilst pretending to do the dishes and wave and smile at the kids playing in their cubby (yet to be constructed) in the back yard.

I am desperate to get my hands into the dirt and may do some planting over the holidays - I'm flicking madly through my Paul Bangay book for inspiration....

Little chook STILL not well, Lord give us strength! I am praying everyday that her little body stops being nasty to itself and starts spreading some love instead of itchies. Oral steroids again as of yesterday for a longer course and lots of fingers and toes crossing..


  1. Hope little chook is better soon. Wow your house project is incredible. Must be such a buzz to see it growing before your very eyes. Good luck for the sports. I am so over it!

  2. The Little Chook is going to come into her own in your gorgeous new house! (As is MamaChook).

    All looking so dreamy and lovely....sigh.... :)



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