Sunday, April 24, 2011

Babys on the mend

Well, the rollercoaster of the last three months of itching, finally culminated in a trip to the Royal Childrens Hosptial for a couple of days. Well overdue if you ask this mumma, but just in time for Good Friday, which made it all the more bearable...

We got some answers and are still wet bandaging the little one intensively as well as giving her the medicine to get rid of the nasty staph infection - but we are all smiling again, sleeping more peacefully than we were and our little girl is back to her boisterious self compete with rosy cheeks - which have been missing since January..

We have been lucky enought to date, to have avoided coming into contact with the RCH. I was so impressed with the length that the Dr's and nurses went to, to ensure our girl was comfortable and that she had a smile on her face.

We met E.B himself - he said to say Hi to all our friends!!!
Caleb, Holly, Benj, Liv, Indi, etc, etc 

What an amazing time to be in the RCH, meeting so many special people and enjoying a performance by the cast of the musical Hairspray! The cast played and danced with the kids for an hour and were absolutely gorgeous!

Big sister and cousin Indi got to share in the excitement too which was a bonus, we all enjoyed the experience!

We left the hospital a little weary but with big broad smiles - happy that our baby girl got some relief and is smiling with those rosy cheeks again!!

Thanks for reading

Melissa xx


  1. Hi Melissa, I am enjoying watching your house progress. How exciting for you all!!!
    I remember having hives as a child (around 6 or 7 yrs old) and my school teacher wanted to see them so proceeded to lift my dress almost above my head. I, being the super sensitive child I was (and still am) was MORTIFIED. So glad to hear your daughter is over the worst and the hospital visit wasn't too traumatic :o)

  2. I'm so sad your little chicken is still suffering :( I'm glad you got some answers and soothing at the RCH, they really are amazzing there aren't they.

    Hurry up dear sweet House and be built, all ready and clean and sparkly for the little chook!



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