Wednesday, April 18, 2012

memory makin

 We spent the school holidays in Queensland..A well deserved break after investing so much energy and time into building the house, it was so nice to have a real break. I love this photo - a visual representation of the fun we had! The girls were at an incredible age to enjoy the theme parks, we had been before but there was always rides, slides, etc that we couldn't go on due to height restrictions... but this time nothing was off limits!!

 We surprised the girls with a swim with the gorgeous dolphins at Seaworld..
Amazing creatures... next time i think ill have to join in.. I really wanted to touch it after hearing from the girls how amazing it felt..

 We still managed to fit in some making when we stayed with my dad..
The girls collected the timber from around the new home and went to work making their tee pee..

Despite enjoying Easter in QLD, and not having to bring back almost any chocolate - (bonus) we couldn't resist a little Easter baking on our return.. 
Easter was well and truly over, but we still had a box of packet cookies with an egg shaped cutters..Shame to waste it...
So little hands got busy..

Back in the swing of things this week, the sun is still shining and warm, delightful!

Hope you all enjoyed your Easter break..

Back with house photos soon...

Melissa xx


  1. Beautiful photos of the girls Mel, looks like they had the best time xxxx


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