Thursday, April 19, 2012

life, love & flowers....

 Timely really, that this little beauty would just go and shoot itself right out of nowhere in the middle of our back lawn.. Mr Right, with mower engine roaring, called out "Can I mow this?" on the weekend...That was before she had blossomed...The girls and I screeched "Nooooo"... Knowing what the green weed looking plant was about to bestow on us..

Reflective... is I guess what you could call this state of mind that I have been blessed with over the past couple of months.. Funny, how as you get older, experience more life, work, love and relationships, that your state of mind just, well, gets reflective... mmm.. Is it just me?

This blog started as a place to document our move to the country, the construction of our home, White Verandah, and some life along the way... What happens here, on this blog, in White Verandah is all real... Our life.. Of course there are parts that you dont see, you dont hear... I am a normal mother of 2 babies, working part time, wife, friend and housewife...

I do, what most every mother blessed with babies does.. housework, washing, sorting out tiffs between the girls, disciplining them and guiding them, navigating marriage and parenting just like the rest of us...and along the way trying to live in the moment and in love...

The house is almost complete..And there is so much more to share with you...The flavor may change around here..but my love of pretty stuff, houses, design, interior design, photography, etc doesn't change...

But i may dare to share some reflection with you...
about life, love, parenting, building, gratitude..

And this little beauty, in a reminder as I look out the kitchen window every morning and afternoon, that I am growing, learning, thankful and loving this journey..

I am delightfully happy right where I am.. Planted in the middle of the green hills
I am where I should be, here for a reason, meeting the people i need to meet, learning what i need to learn and experiencing what i need to experience...

Despite my heart skipping a beat every time I drive into the drive

 It is this sight that truly fills my cup. 
Finding beauty in nature which is so easy to do around these parts..
Trying to reduce my material wants, opening my eyes to what is already here is abundance.

That's my reflection for today..
Special little shout out to a reader that complimented White Verandah recently.. 
I'd lost my way abit with the blog... Building almost over and all.. But I am inspired.. 

Thanks for coming past,  Melissa.. xx


  1. What a lovely post Melissa and a stunning piece of beauty in that happy sunflower! White Verandah for me is not just about your gorgeous home that you are building/have built, it's about all that happens in it too - the people, the happenings, the parenting, the reflecting etc. I started my blog out too with the intention of sharing housey / renovating projects but nowadays, it's about our life and all that happens in our home, inspires me, motivates me etc.

    1. Thanks Amanda :) evolution.... i love your life tales, inspiration and projects :))

  2. I'm with Amanda, Melissa. We've seen glimpses along the way of the fact that you have much more to offer than just house updates, so I say go for it! Though, in saying that, some up-to-date photos of what you've done with your beautiful house would be great too! Love your blog, and looking forward to seeing you branch out. xx

    1. Thanks Sally, photos are coming your way!

  3. Where is the tissues when you need them!! That photo of the sunflower with the view in the background is amazing, just amazing, l love it. And the house is looking great, pretty sad that l have to see the nearly finished project on here but l promise to call around soon. We love you to the moon and back Miss Mel and l am so glad you moved to the country. Love Shazza ps Merry Christmas lol

    1. sweet Shaz...Thanks :)Its definitely cuppa time..

  4. Hi Melissa,
    I have been eagerly following your blog through your build. It's so wonderful to see all your dreams and ideas falling into place. What a lovely home you and your family have created. Can I ask a question? What type of roof do you have? Is it zinc or a colorbond one. My husband and I are also building and I can't decide on a colour. Thinking Shale Grey. Can't wait to see some more pics when you have the time! Cheers - Jemma

  5. Hi Jemma... Thanks so much for tagging along for the ride! Our roof color is Windspray... Just a tip - the colors look soooo much darker than what they actually look when they are on.. Windspary comes up the zinc color.. Which is what i wanted.. Hope that helps :))

  6. Hi Melissa,
    I drop by occasionally to see what's happening in your world and always leave feeling better about life and the world in general.
    Thank you - Duncan.

    1. So nice of you to say Duncan ! Thanks so much for coming past :))


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