Friday, March 30, 2012

Last week of term - already....

Term One over already! This is little one, all dressed up for her end of term pirate party to celebrate finishing the "Ocean" topic the class had been working on...

Miss Amelia was soo excited about dressing up and loved getting into character talking like a pirate and snarling away all morning! I love dress ups! This stuff is really what primary school is all about.. Even Charlotte was a little disappointed that she just had to wear her boring old uniform.. Never too old for a good dress up!

We finished off the Term with school sports too this week...
Proud mumma bear beamed all the way through the day, as the girls collected ribbon upon ribbon...Was a lovely sunny day to enjoy all the kids being active, competing, cheering each other on...

 Easter has rolled around so quickly.. 
Time really does fly - as you get older? when you have children to relish in and look after? 
For whatever reason, it does go so so fast..
Enjoying all the moments - looking forward to the school holidays, busy doing some memory making as their childhood ticks away..

I hope everyone has a gorgeous and safe Easter and enjoys the break

Back soon...

Melissa xx


  1. Hope your Easter was a lovely one and that you;ve been enjoying the holidays with your gorgeous girls x

    1. Thanks Amanda ! Hope you had a super special time with your littluns too :))


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