Monday, March 12, 2012

The front door..

The front door of the house had me in knots... 

As the painters neared completing painting the entire house, I still hadn't really decided on the fate of the front door. I am usually not very adventurous but really loved the idea of a black door. The painters had already coated it white and despite the girls pleading with me not to do it, I gave the painters the go ahead for a black glossy front door... I bit my fingernails that day...

 But i am delighted with the finish...So shiny, glossy and gorgeous!

I initially thought I'd change the brass door handle but i think it will stay.. I quite like it against the black.. They just painted the outside of the door...I was too undecided about the inside - so it remains white...

The VERANDAH is half complete... It should be finished within the next couple of days..
I have been wandering around it aimlessly, gazing at it from every angle, resisting the temptation to share until it is complete...Stay tuned..

Thanks for coming past 

Melissa xx


  1. Love it mel, the black gloss looks fantastic

  2. Absolutely LOVE it! I agree, the gloss is amazing!
    x KL

  3. Hello! I've been reading your blog constantly but can't remember if I've commented! Oh dear.. I love the black door, very bold choice and you've pulled it off. It's all looking beautiful, as always! Have a great weekend..Rachaelxx

    1. Thanks rachael ! It really was a big decision but I do love it ! Thanks for coming past :)

  4. I love your choice of the glossy black - very elegant. I think keeping the white for the interior was a good choice too :)


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