Monday, March 21, 2011

Too true - be adventurous

Image - i am blessed

Life is intriquing me as i grow older wiser...
A daring adventure or nothing - that is exactly as it is!
Be bold, be adventurous and take the bull by the horns, no excuses
Life has thrown us a few little curve balls of late but Mr Right pointed out on the weekend whilst at the local tractor pull, that we are indeed very lucky with our little chickens - they really are very healthy. 
We saw other families with such adversity in their lives and very sick little ones - whats a few itchies?
Very insightful Mr Right!
Little chook is on the improve slightly - chronic hives with no allergies they now tell me...
She is smiling..
We are all smiling today as the beginnings of the floor went down on the house..

Image i am blessed

I love this pic!! Grab your specs and read it twice to make sure you dont miss anything..
I want this on my fridge to remind me every day to be passionate about life, people, sharing and living - and to appreciate that i CAN DO all of these things!

Thats my tired old rant for today

Thanks for reading

Melissa xxx


  1. so very true..certainly some great points to live by. So glad to hear that your little poppet is on the mend..wishing you a wonderful week lovely x

  2. Just lovely. Sometimes we need reminding of the simple things to take advantage of.

    Am glad your little chicken is on the improve and it's wonderful news of no allergies, just a nasty case of hives and obviously intolerances. Lets hope you get these sorted soon!

    Yay on the floor, wahoo!


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