Thursday, March 10, 2011

the dirt moved...

It has started and the ball is rolling quicker than i thought it would. The dirt has been turned, so lovely to see a big patch of brown wet earth in the shape of our soon to be house. Today there are more little wooden pegs bordering the shape of the house and lots of paint marked x's marking the spots that the stumps will soon stick out of. (Dont you just love my technical language!) Thank goodness we have one of Mr Rights mates helping us out with the building and timelines - invaluable when you are owner building and are very far from a trades person..

My little chook is also on the improve after a trip to hospital and some intensive wet bandaging to bring down the itchies! My heart was broken, my body exhausted and i just felt completely helpless -  my little monkey was hurting and exhausted but managed most of it with a sweet smile...I told her i felt sorry for her and would do anything to make it better - her response, " Dont worry about me mummy, i feel more sorry for you because your nose (sinus) will never get better". **sigh**

Out of this awful experience i have tried to take some positives - i am now somewhat of an expert when it comes to allergies and echzema and their treatment, i am surrounded by the most loving and supportive friends and family that have consistently given in terms of support, words of comfort, offers of assistance and i feel blessed. Thanks to everyone that hugged and supported us - what would life be like without the selfless acts if others??
Melissa xx


  1. What a brave little poppet you have on your hands..such a darling girl. So glad that you have alot of love and support around know..we really cant exist without others..there is always going to be a point in life when we will need help..and its so wonderful to know that you have a great supportive network around you. Big Hugs :) x

  2. She's a gorgeous girl your little one, you're doing a wonderful job of raising a lovely little poppet. I hope her itching clears soon :(

    Such exciting news about your site cut....woohoo!!

  3. I'm so sorry your little girl has so many sensitivities. What a difficult thing to deal with! It's just awful when one of your children is suffering. I hope you can find a good solution.

    Exciting news about the house beginning, you must be thrilled!



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