Thursday, March 3, 2011

Home is where the heart is

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We have eight wooden pegs sticking out of the green land in preparation for a site cut!! Woo hooo..... The feeling isnt as intense as i thought - clouded by my little girl still being very unwell with allergies.. But nevertheless still a sense of excitement... Site cut to happen perhaps Monday and from here on in, i have the tedious task of contacting all the tradies we will need and obtaining quotes... I have found so far, much to my surprise that tradies have not joined the rest of us in the world of modern technology = no email = lots of photocopying the plans = snail mail... Who would of thought!

Back to my precious little one - we took ourselves off to the big smoke for some allergy testing a couple of days ago and unfortunately my little one has LOTS of sensitivities - mould, dust mites, chemicals, preservatives, colors, eggs, milk, cheese, salicylates - tomatoes, capsicum, stonefruits, strawberries - just to name a few, and oh yeah - pet hair!!! The poor little thing was almost hospitalised last week however after a big dose of steriods she was on the mend. Steriods completed and you guessed it - very unwell again. We have come to the conclusion that this beautiful old farm house may be the cause of much of her itch - so..... it is on the cards that we may have to move into something a little newer and leave the cows behind for now :(  I have a bag full of goodies from the naturopath, an elimination diet that we have started, and will pack us up to go to mummies this afternoon to give her poor little body a break from the mites... Fingers crossed for me... Just to freak you out - this is what is muching on my baby!!


Thanks for reading, Melissa xx


  1. Oh Melissa :(

    I am so sorry to hear this :( With the WeeBear allergic to only eggs and milk protein this is enough, poor you, poor little chicken! My cousin's son has a multitude of allergies such as you have listed, virtually everything is off limits. I am excited your site is cut, let's hope your beautiful, sparkly new house will be a very new and itch free beginning for your gorgeous girl. I'm sure you already know but the supermarkets sell a Bosistos Eucalyptus Mite wash for linen. I wonder if this would help? A start anyway. Poor poppet I hope you can get it under control somewhat soon.


  2. Thanks MB - i am new to the world of allegies so didnt know about the Bosistos Eucalytpus mite wash - i am off to get myself some! I am hoping the house will get itself up quickly! Melissa x


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