Sunday, July 25, 2010

House plans

Time to decide on THE house to put on our lovely green patch... Mr Libra said he would only build the house i had gazed adoringly at when ever we drove past one, a white weatherboard with a full verandah. We spent some time looking at other house plans however kept coming back to the Harkaway Home that i had dreamed of for some time. After numerous discussions, copious amounts of time spent on the internet, and visiting their display home numerous times we decided on a facade - now to perfect the layout!! Each night we have both gazed at the plan longingly and used the measuring tape to measure out the spaces to ensure they will suit. I must have flipped through every home magazine i own ( which is far too extensive!!) countless times looking for more ideas. I also have a burgeoning file with pictures torn out of mags sectioned into each area of the home, which i have been madly flipping through to ensure that all my "wants" and some "needs" are incorporated in the plan. There have been a few tense moments and some eye rolling - however we drew up a rough sketch and met with Harkaway.. I was super impressed with how quickly the initial sketch bounced back into my inbox!! A few more alterations and it seems we may be ready for a further appointment to pay the deposit and get this ball rolling!!

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