Sunday, July 18, 2010

the decision

It all happened quite quickly, a discussion about needing a bigger house to accommodate our growing family, the green light from Mr Libra, and i was on the phone to the real estate agent the next day. It was on the market within the week and the joy of keeping an immaculate house for inspections with two small children began...

Fast forward ten long weeks of endless inspections - 9 in one weekend with Mr Libra away for the weekend and house guests - thanks very much - and it was under offer. Some quick handy work to ensure the permit for the barn that had been erected years before, but somehow was without a final inspection was granted and we were away.

So whilst the house was on the market we set to the arduous task of finding some land to build THE house on. Land is scarce and expensive where we are, nothing felt 100% RIGHT, a few felt OK but the price was definitely not going to be conducive to building THE house that would include all of the I WANTS that i had collected from magazines over the years and compiled in my house file - including the full big white verandah......

We started looking further and further afar, and had always discussed a move to the country before the girls got to high school. Then we stumbled across the rolling hills and green pastures of country Victoria....... After looking at several parcels of land, a few meals in the local pub and a number of drives to the country we purchased our piece of the hills to build THE house and indulge in the country lifestyle...

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  1. Wow, what a gorgeous block of land! Whereabouts is it? It looks like Gippsland to me. If so, you've chosen a lovely area to live!


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