Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rental hunting

So it seems to find a place in the country to rent is like finding a needle in a hay stack. So we decided to broaden our horizons and look further afar. A four bedroom house on 2 acres a ten minute drive away sounded great. No so... Very 70's decor complete with a terrarium and an indoor pool including fake rocks and plants, and carpet that made me thank goodness that i was suffering severe sinus problems at the time. I started to feel a little concerned that i would be enduring a forty minute round trip for school each day.. However, whilst enjoying a yummy lunch in the local pub with the family Mr Libra discussed our plight with the publican. One phone call later with some very generous locals and we have a quaint little cottage on a three hundred acre working dairy farm to rent whilst it is on the market to sell. We headed out to visit and were delighted with what we found!! Very lovely family, and cottage complete with chooks, goat, cats, cows which meant two very happy little girls who cant wait to move to the "farm".... Now to pack.... However with Mr Libra sustaining a broken foot, packing may be on the back burner for a few weeks!!

Melissa xx

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