Monday, June 11, 2012

Sydney trip

 We decided to visit some friends in Newcastle for the long weekend..
and they suggested we head to Sydney to check out Viv.d - light and music show
It was the kids and my first time in Sydney and we were mesmerized by her beauty..

Miss Sydney put on a spectacular sunny day as we strolled, enjoyed a ferry ride and waited until dark for the lights to begin..
The lights of the city were gorgeous in their own right... taken from the deck of the Sea Shepherd.. We enjoyed a tour and learnt more about their mission to save the whales..
Our littlest is now planning when she will join the crew of the Shepherd to join them when they return to Antarctica to save the whales being illegally hunted..
The photos of the lights just don't go near doing them any justice...They were just amazing...I'm sure we walked around for hours with our jaws dropped and constantly saying...WOW..

I took 350 pics...But thought I'd spare you just share a few..
We spent the whole day and half the night at Circular Quay and the Rocks
and honestly could have stayed for longer...

Highly recommend it for big and small peeps
This year it runs from end of May to mid June - we will be definitely looking up the dates for next year..

Hope you all had a safe and warm long weekend and did something that lit you up!

Melissa x


  1. Oh wow hope I can get to it next year! Looks fab

    1. You must do Anya - thanks for coming past :)

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  3. Looks like you have very busy & up to some very exciting things and ready for a new chapter in life!


  4. WOOOOOW……….! All pictures are so pretty. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful pictures of your Sydney trip.


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