Thursday, October 11, 2012

Our adventures

I feel like every time I sit down to post... 
I go to type the same post title - it has been so long! 
I don't feel guilty about not posting though and try not to put pressure on myself these days unnecessarily. Just living in the flow... Posting when it feels right..
 I knew it was coming....

So the last couple of months put into more pictures than words is in order.. 
I am such a visual person and always appreciate less words and more images to look at when reading other bloggies... Well that's my story for tonight and my excuse for catching you up on the awesome stuff that has been happening around here in pictures instead of words... Enjoy..

 Last month I spent a week in Phoneix, Arizona lapping up this stunning, spiritual and peaceful resort with the most amazing group of inspirational women...

 The weather was hot and balmy, which called for night swims & late night feet dipping in the spa.. It was so lovely to be able to sit outside and enjoy the weather, water and each others company after enduring such a long, wet and freezing Victorian winter..
 All whilst surrounded by beauty.... Beautiful women and such naturally beautiful surroundings
 A couple of days after my return, I went straight from one desert in the USA to our very own in central outback Australia. We set off with our two little cowgirls, a tent, a loaded up car, a few friends and the camera.
 The "adventure" was so many things...
endurance for me...not necessarily a camper at heart..
 An opportunity to go places and meet people that are "off the beaten track"

 The opportunity to see THE.MOST.AMAZING - sunsets, sunrises and night skies... and take waaaaaay too many photos of them..
 Self discovery - 3 days in the Simpson Desert at 45 degrees......
need i say more people...
This first sand dune was simply stunning though, the other 1099 I could have taken or left.. well i would have rathered leave if you want the truth
 The joy of watching my girls engage in self guided learning and discovery about their country and this land and completely immerse themselves in what they chose to learn more about, writing their journals when they felt the need to record something that resonated with them, collecting treasures along the way...

 The memories captured in the 1000's of images we have come home with, treasured...
Mostly keen to pose and have a record in pictures to keep and reflect on...
 All Australian sights, red dirt, vast countryside, our Australian animals, and the dry hot sun...
 being dirty and it being ok, collecting treasures
 up close and personal with desert dwellers

 Meeting friendly locals only too willing to chat with us about traditional wood crafts, how to best cook a kangaroo tail & catch a blue tongue for a tasty treat....

 good ol' fashioned water fun....

 spending time with old friends
 and finding new ones
 being amazed at the natural wonders of this gorgeous place we live

 Quietly taking in the sights, being close to nature, feeling her calm

 watching memory making in action
 enjoying family time, the quiet moments, no t.v, back to basics, back to nature
 their awe at mother nature
their joy

 and of course the love....

Melissa x


  1. Your pictures are amazing mel, looks like you had an amazing time with your gorgeous family. Cant wait to catch up saturday xx

    1. Thanks kell ! It was amazing even though at times through the trip it was super hard ! Looking forward to seeing you saturday :))

    2. Thanks kell ! It was amazing even though at times through the trip it was super hard ! Looking forward to seeing you saturday :))

  2. The sunset looks AMAZING. Looks/sounds like a wonderful trip.

    PS: I would like to invite you to enter the inHomewares giveaway at my blog. Enter for your chance to win $50 voucher!

  3. Very nice post I must say,I found it while looking for Verandah Adelaide


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