Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Muuuuum what can i draw?"

Because I hear "mummmmmm what can i draw?" several times a day from my picture drawing obsessed cherubs, when I came across the below picture on pinterest I knew we needed to make some of these here drawing dices as a matter of urgency.

                                                                                Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

Given the recent build it was not hard to find some pieces of timber laying around outside. Daddy chopped them into squares and we sanded the corners down so no splinters in little fingers..

Then we got busy with the paint and whilst the drawing dices were drying,  got even more creative with the paint...


Once dry, the girls chose animals and feelings to write on each side of the dice..

never short of ideas for drawings now!

Melissa x


  1. I pinned this too and loved the idea! I might implement it in our schoolroom...if we ever get 'free' time away from actual school work :( No fun!

    1. Such a great idea... No fun is no good!

  2. What a great idea! I agree with Emma above, perfect for a classroom x


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