Wednesday, May 2, 2012

blackboard pebbles

 I have one tin of blackboard paint... And nothing is being spared from my brush...

I have had this bucket of pebbles for so long.. I posted about them long ago and how much I loved them, and how i would do something with them...

They are now blackboard pebbles... well some of them, because I just love them so, all natural..

the girls painted their own little blackboard pebble

so much fun to draw on...

they are sitting in the kitchen awaiting some more words...

We are going to make them "chore" pebbles..

Yet to name these little white buckets...
But they will be named..and when the girls do a "chore" they will write it on the pebble and put it in the bucket..
Good way of adding up who has done what and pocket money payment..
Well. good in theory...will see how it works..

Otherwise the pebbles will just be lying around waiting for someone to write something inspirational on them..

Either way.. better than these gorgeous little pebbles just sitting around in a bucket.

Hope your enjoying this cold miserable day!

This is the view out the kitchen window today...mud as far as the eye can see...
We just had the backyard leveled.. but the plumbers are back finishing off the storm water.
The sun flower has again avoided destruction..

Standing tall still

Happy Wednesday xx

Melissa x


  1. What a great idea - I'm going to give that a go for my dinner party - I'll use them instead of placecards!


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