Saturday, February 4, 2012

where did January go?

I didn't get to finish the January photo a day challenge... I mean i may have failed the challenge.. The end of January really did get a little crazy...

We shared our big girls 9th birthday with some friends for a girly sleepover

We had family come and spend time in the country..and shared in baby Alice's first summer splash and first attempt at eating, like.. real food...well ...rice cereal..

and we had builders banging...

building our verandah..ahhhh... I cant help but say verandah with the ahhh...
oh. heart. be . still

They have completed the verandah and will now finish the outside architraves on the windows before the painters come on in this week coming...color choice...almost complete...i think...

i found some stunning mirrors....had to share - not hung yet but as soon as i can pin my husband down they will be..

Ensuite and girls bathroom mirrors...Scout has spent all morning barking profusely at the intruder in the mirror that looks exactly like him.

Girls bathroom..Had the shutters installed this week and I am delighted with the finish..Farewell polka dotted sheet from the window

We now have a super awesome clothes line constructed with love from our daddy.. He really is so clever. It is in the perfect drying location and cant be seen from the house or verandah - even better...

I have been busy with the paint brush and white paint. Just a sneak peak...needs some finishing touches then i'll share....

And i am still unpacking boxes finding my long lost treasures..
I only have a few boxes left and hadn't found my set of big rusty vintage keys....
I thought they may have been a casualty of the move but they turned up and so did my smile..

Enjoy your weekend! 
I am off to shoot a friends wedding today - so excited! I love weddings... I just love the love they ignite in the room, looking forward to sharing a dance with my husband and remembering our wedding day - does anyone else do that at weddings?

Back soon..

Melissa xx


  1. Sounds like you have all been very busy indeed Melissa! Happy birthday to your big girl- what a scrumptious looking cake! Oh how I love seeing photos of your glorious home - I wish I could sit on that verandah of yours over a cuppa admiring everything in person :) I'm really enjoying seeing how home take shape as you unpack boxes and decorate various nooks. I love those mirrors you found. Have fun at the wedding x

    1. Thanks Amanda... A cuppa on the verandah sounds delightful!

  2. Wow, that is a verandah. Stunning. Your pictures are lovely. Especially the jugs lined up neatly on the shelf.

    1. Why thankyou lovely - I'm visiting old comments and missed yours! That reminds me I must finish this project and share :))


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