Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 20 - Jan photo a day...

I'm going to share our tent we whipped up the other day.... as well as a few pics for Jan..

                                                                                  Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

Inspired by this pic from pinterest and the girls relentless cubby making with every.single.blanket we own, I decided I wanted to make some sort of cubby. I was originally going to make a tee pee but really wanted something easy to set up and pack away for when not in use. This tent is amazingly simple to make and takes two seconds to put away  - so we got to work.... 

We took Daddy along to the hardware shop and showed him the picture and pushed him out in front of the hardware man and made him ask for what we needed (us girls don't talk hardware language)...We ended up with....

* 4 x 45x19 pine
* 1 x 22ml dowel
* 22ml spade drill bit - to drill the round holes

Then we stopped at the local op shop on the way home and found a cute as pie freckles doona cover with matching pillow case for just $5.00.... I had some matching ribbon in our making box...

Daddy drilled holes in each of the pieces of wood and popped the dowl through - waa laaa!!

It took me five minutes to cut open the doona cover and sew four ties into place - one on each corner at the back and then a small way down the fabric for the front. This meant that the front had a little extra fabric draping for the door... We were super excited to find the doona press studs were in exactly the right position to "close" the front door...
hours of fun and even a sleepover in the tent that night - inside of course...

 ribbon ties.. 
If you don't have a sewing machine or cant sew you could use safety pins.

So these pics can count for the Jan photo a day challenge " where I sleep" but modified to "where the kids slept"...

And for the summer part - well more making and sleeping in a tent ..
We have been really busy making and will share some more when we have finished..

Melissa xx


  1. Great work! It looks fantastic and I love the fabric.

    1. Thanks Karla ! The fabric was a pretty lucky find in the op shop !!!

  2. LOVE your tent! I have that inspiration picture saved somewhere too. I had bought a PDF file teepee pattern but I too like the idea of one that is easy to fold up and yours would be easy to put up indoors or outdoors. Do you find it's pretty stable? I think I might give this a go soon for Grace as she's forever making cubbies with sheets and blankets :)

  3. Thanks amanda ! The girls are having so much fun with it ! Yes it's definately stable - we have had no trouble with it moving at all - but I have also seen them with a timber piece running along the bottom but I don't think you would need it. Ours is quite large to accommodate two big girls but u could make it a little smaller - it was sooo easy to make... Grace would love it !


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