Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oh Shucks!

What a surprise I received when I clicked on to read one of my favourite blogs only to find that MB had awarded me *sighs in disbelief* the above award. Thankyou so much MB for reading my blog - I look forward to the always lovely comments you make!

I am new to the world of blogging and at first started this thing as nothing more than a space to document our move to the country, the experience of building our home and the time we spend with the girls...I never imagined people out there in blog land would ever be interested in our journey.. I am now amazed at the blog community and how much love, support and friendship happens in this gorgeous world of blogging, and i am so thankful to be part of it...

So it seems i must now share seven things about myself - here goes:

1. I am a frustrated social worker a couple of days a week working with seperated families in high conflict situations

2. My husband and i have known each other since our early teens

3. I am highly addicted to caffiene and definately cannot last the day with a few good brews

4. I am told by others that i say "I love it!!" alot

5. I am reduced to tears incredibly easily since having my two gorgeous girls - kleenex ads, watching my girls have fun, and especially if they are experiencing something special for the first time eg: concerts , etc *sighs and reaches for a tissue*

6. I think I call almost everyone I come across "love" , like someones old aunty Beryl.

7. I love my family more than life itself...I am still the luckiest girl in the world to have my paternal grandparents and thank God every single day for them. I am surrounded by lots of love - gorgeous girls , husband and the rest of the crazy bunch..

I am also seriously addicted to so many blogs out there that make my heart sing with divine images of all things design, children and just life itself.

I was originally inspired by the infamous A-M to start a blog of my own and have since come across so many more talented and inspiring women in my journey.. Rachael at A room for everyone is ever inspiring and basically my whole blog roll......

Melissa xx


  1. A-M inspired me too! I also cry at RSPCA adds and the Huggies adds I am a shocker.

  2. Oh wow, thank you! That is so flattering. Mine is such an amateur blog, it amazes me when people like you say such things! Rachaelxx


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