Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy birthday sweet Charlotte

It was recently my biggest girls 8th birthday and she decided on a sleepover party with a few special friends.

She wrote a list of games and activites that she would like to undertake at the party, and we decided we would try our best to fit them all in!! Very adventurous but we had so much fun! Miss Milly could not believe her luck when she discovered she earned an automatic invite to a "big girls party" and joined in with gusto. Charlotte was a model big sister and happily included her little sister in all the activities without hesitation = proud mama!

The "sleepover cake" - Charlotte and her friends

When the party was all over, miss Charlotte presented me with this * sighs* proud mama!

The years have absolutely flown by and miss Charlotte is growing into a gorgeous, sensitive, creative, althletic, all round gorgeous confident girl. We love you all the way to the moon and back sweet girl and hope your year ahead is filled with friendship, love and laughter (and your new cubby, painted white of course)!

Sometimes i just cant believe my eyes when i look at her, really STOP and look at her and see just how much she is growing up......

1 week old xx
Three Years old

Four years

Five years

Seven years

Eight big years xx



  1. What an adorable it! Looks like she had the best birthday ever..and what an amazing birthday cake!!! Happy Birthday Miss Charlotte..what a gorgeous little gal you are :)

    p.s had a chuckle at the back to front tutu in the first x

  2. Oh my goodness she is just gorgeous!

    You're scaring me with how grown up they seem at eight though. My first "baby" is 7 in June and looking at Charlotte in her age 7 photo I can hardly believe my baby girl will seem this grown up in a few short months!!

    I love "makeup, facial & fashion show" on the checklist!

    And how about that cake?! Wow! Did you make this? It's amazing.

    You're right though, that note at the end of the day makes it all worthwhile. What a SuperMum :)



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